Dutch Landscape Illustration:

dutch landscape

Basic, yet lovely graphic tablet / pen illustration made in Photoshop 8 using only basic drawing tools on multiple layers. Keywords: Dutch; Holland; Windmill; Morning; Evening; Dawn; Sunset; Sunrise; Night; Day; Gradient; Orange; Black; Stars; Sky; Mountains; Horizont; Tree; Grass; Landscape; Smoke; Fire; House; Bench; Workshop; Leaves; Branches.

Commercial inspires Artistic – by Fan Hunter


EXTRA: Art inspires art Our Double Life article inspired our talented friend form FanHunter.com who used our screenshots of the ad and converted them into a cartoon style art. The original site is in Spanish so a great deal of our visitors won’t know what’s going on. More explanations in english coming soon.

SONY PlayStation 2 Commercial – Fun Anyone?


SONY™ PlayStation® 2) PS3 – Compare PS3 prices from top stores in Australia “The commercial will engage you with captivating visuals of intense communal excitement..” Ref: Sony PlayStation® Australia From a perspective of a typical multimedia person, The “Mountain“,Sony PlayStation® ad has got to be one of the best ads of the decade. What a brilliant combination … [Read more…]