Mexican sound project encompassing different styles, sounds and musical ideas. Having the electronic sound as the main characteristic and the awakening of sensations and emotions as the principal objective. Ixmati tends to capture and express its word definition in its music. Ixmati is a Mayan word that means to be conscious. Its also a project […]


Repose is Chill electronica music textures and ambiences; evolving mellow mood induced instrumental music by Jason Greenberg and various collaborators. The word Repose by definition is when the mind is in a serene state of peace, rest and harmonious composure. ‘repose‘ the music project is named after the restful chillout quality and captivating mood induced […]

Ray Buttigieg / Cykx

Ray Buttigieg is considered one of the first pioneers of Electronic Music. His influences range frm The Beatles White Album period to early Pink Floyd to more electronic old German school. “In an era whose artistic expression has come to be dominated by the stultifying forces of financial and ideological conservatism, Ray Buttigieg reminds us […]


Hi to all and welcome to the musical world of Ero – an underground electronic music producer stationed in Cyprus. The genres on which Ero’s productions are mostly focused, vary anywhere between progressive house, psy trance and rave, but i also like to experiment with a wide array of other genres. Ive been producing for […]


I focus on all keyboard 16 measure loops… I like to discover surprising  and conflictiong harmonies my influences range widely: 60’s rock, reggae, jazz, hip-hop, Much of my music is inherently unique….. non-genre.

Black Era

BLACK ERA – CONCRETE TRIPHOP FROM NAPLES -IT- black era chooses the hardest sounds from the 90′ british triphop and mixes it with some insane obsure flavour – new deeply aggressive episodes coming on march 2007 – with the album …THEN… all blackera discography in freedownload Black Era comes from Naples, the borderline of […]


“Main influences are Fela Kuti, John Coltrane, Larry Heard, and Parliament Funkadelics. My music is unique because it incorporates sounds, old and new. You may hear some glitchy, techy riffs followed by a smooth jazz piano. My style is versatile and unpredictable.” Being a classical violinist since childhood, Sona has always had a true passion […]

Chris Conway

With his theremin, live electronics plus his exotic acoustic instruments and voice with special effects, Chris Conway is an astounding creator of unique atmospheric new and electronic music. Ranging from freeform improvised electronic soundscapes to atmospheric ambient music, he has released several internationally released several CDs in the electronic genre. Hailing from Michigan USA, Chris […]