HrastProgrammer Zeljko Hrastovcak Now, here is something different. HrastProgrammer has brought us back to the original concepts of electronic music with minor outside influences and his free authoring spirit. Zeljko’s music sounds like electronic music should sound. It is electronic and it feels like glimpses of human future. As soon as you open any one […]


“A sad story, a fairy tale. A little boy and a little girl, jumping together. A cold landscape, a cosy landscape. Colours and noise, supernovas, whispers, when you cry out loud. Feelings you can’t deny, electric world, crystal lakes. Breathless. “ The project FABRYKA begins at the end of 2004, when Stefano Milella (programming, synth, […]


Intro: Finckh lives in Berlin, Germany. He has studied jazz trumpet, but got more and more involved in electronic music, mainly because of his studio work for Ras and Sonar Kollektiv / Jazzanova. Finckh´s concept is to take the everyday sounds that surround us and make them dance. His musical roots span from some quite […]

Ana Luiza Cavalcanti & Sonia Bessa

Intro: We are a Techno-Brazilian musical duo mixing Brazilian bossa nova and samba with contemporary electronic pop. Our influences are Tom Jobim, Baden Powell, João Gilberto, Laurie Anderson, Depeche Mode and Propellerheads. Biography: S.I.M. is the Techno-Brazilian musical duo of  ANA LUIZA CAVALCANTI and SONIA BESSA. Over seven years living in New York City they […]


Extronica project was born in 2003. The niche electronic sound has caught the eyes of a number of electronic music fans that are looking for something more than just washed up pop synth lines. Extronica’s influences include DJ Shadow, Emerson Lake and Palmer, a great range of classical composers. Extronica tries to create music that […]

Sensual Harassment

As an artist, I truly believe simplicity can create an opportunity for the listener to gather their own impression of the music without being bombarded with sound. For me, one sound that is interesting and different is far superior to five mixed together. Influences are far and wide. Some of my favorites include the old […]

Square Wail – I’m not listening.

Artist: Square Wail Album: I’m not listening. Celebrating the timeless sound of Nintendo GAME BOY ™ Square, Saw, Sine and Noise. It’s all it takes to make great electronic music, but when you reduce it to 8-bit word then it all becomes a challenge. Square Wail pushes the boy to the limits of possibilities and […]

Mambo Freqs

Ever since his first trip to London nightclub, Fabric, Mambo Freqs has been pushing his production skills to emulate the breakbeat he heard every week from the likes of the Plump DJs and the Stanton Warriors. With the recent boom in electro house, it only made sense to him to fuse the two… 7 years […]