Kyle Killough

Genres: Tribal Tech House, NY House, Deep House, Progressive, Breakbeat Influences: Industrial Music, John Digweed, DJ Tracy, DJ Garth, Pink Floyd, Herbie Hancock, Beastie Boyz Biography: Kyle began DJing in 1993 in Cincinnati, Ohio at an Industrial club simply called The Warehouse. In 1994 he moved to WZMB radio station where he established the Industrial […]


Carrying on the tradition of truly great stateside IDM artists, Quantazelle refines her works from the ground up. She integrates complex rhythm programming, innovative sound design, and a macrocosmic vision with solid engineering. Fitting perfectly alongside Warp, Neo Ouija, and Ghostly International artists, Quantazelle’s output is as diverse in emotion as it is in intensity.

Polivoks – Russian vintage synth


Find just about any keyboard synthesizer online at For many years Russian Federation has been an isolated economy. Ministry of Culture, for example, wouldn’t allow import of foreign instruments and Soviet musicians at the time didn’t have a musical instrument that would offer capabilities and sounds of the equipment available to the rest of the […]

We Love Technology


Being in a relationship is about lot of things. It’s about love, respect, sharing and understanding. For me, it’s the same bedroom scenario every night, and it’s not what you think it might be. I am a big fan of science fiction and have a nice little collection of Isaac Asimov. The problem is, I […]

Cosmos 70


After a first appearance on the compilation ” BEE! “,COSMOS70 released their first maxi in 2005. Formed byMichel Robiche and Didier Blanché, the duo bordersbetween pop and electronica. In 2006 the group took on anew approach with the arrival of the video director AurélienPescher and has been seen on stage beside top artists suchas Matt […]

Noone Grenadine


After a first interesting ep Fragments,Noone, multidisciplinary artist, is back withhis first album Grenadine. An invitation intohis acidulous fantastic world where addictivetones and enchanting pop songs blendtogether seemlessly. Eclectic as ever, this longformat jumps around at supersonic speedsfrom genre to genre. If “Fatchococake” is a true call to the dancefloorwith a bassline whose only purpose […]

Arcade 64 Artists – Who played?

SUPERFLUID 8-bit crunch “Superfluid are the future of dance music. Able to destroy the crowd live they are now well-known in the Brisbane scene with headlining spots at the Advent*jah festival and Time Tunnel. Their diversity, understanding of the importance of melody and willingness to branch out in unexpected directions, all pulled together by the […]

Rabitza – Union of 2 independent creative personalities


Members : Alexandr Sosedkin, Ivan Petrenko Profile : Rabitza is an union of 2 independent creative personalities. The project was founded in December 2004. The musical content of the group consists in the mix of different styles. The guys have great experience of taking part in different rock-bands, experiments with live sound. But their development […]