ProPulsion5. 9. 2006, Prague CZ,  PROPULSION project debuts with record Positive Bomb

Positive Bomb

A seasoned producer ProPulsion comes with a rounded album of eleven bright compositions which sails  smoothly through the waters of an electro music lightly relished by the breakbeat and retro sounds. Positive Bomb is an album with a great and impressive atmosphere shot through by catchy pulses and sophisticated settings with a lot of fancy details.A cool character of Propulsion comes not only with an energetic pulsating electro music but with an etheric ambient composition as well.

Alex Nevsky

alex_nevsky (1)

Dj & Producer
Age :22
Genre: Progressive/Electro/Tech House
Influence: William Orbit
Characteristic: Still love my vinyl,using cd’s only for special effects & extra sounds

Alex Nevsky,started his career in earnest 2001. Never the less Alex began collecting records and learn about music earlier.

At the age 17,Alex was already playing music in various clubs and bars in his home town Athens (Greece) Alex ,in order to gain more experience and to further his knowledge in djing,he moved to Cyprus (Ayia-Napa).

Silent Narcotic

Silent NarcoticSilent Narcotic is the pseudonym of the musician/songwriter Scott Fitzpatrick records and mixes under. Silent Narcotic is a fresh breath of air in a landscape plagued by generic, paint-by-numbers indie/pop-rock artists.

That’s not to say that 5ilent Narcotic isn’t poppy or doesn’t rock: au contraire! the band fuses catchy guitar hooks, droning bass melodies and dueling synthesizer keyboards with industrial and electronica-influenced back beats that mesh to create a unique and powerful sound. This impressive convergence of influences creates something at once familiar and yet unprecedented.


IxmatiMexican sound project encompassing different styles, sounds and musical ideas. Having the electronic sound as the main characteristic and the awakening of sensations and emotions as the principal objective. Ixmati tends to capture and express its word definition in its music.

Ixmati is a Mayan word that means to be conscious. Its also a project born in Mexico City to produce electronic downtempo music. Its aim is to reflect its word meaning in its music. Guillermo Ruiz, the mexican producer behind the project moves to London where he discovers electronic music and the technology around it and this has a great impact on him.


ReposeRepose is Chill electronica music textures and ambiences; evolving mellow mood induced instrumental music by Jason Greenberg and various collaborators.

The word Repose by definition is when the mind is in a serene state of peace, rest and harmonious composure. ‘repose‘ the music project is named after the restful chillout quality and captivating mood induced state that the music of ‘repose‘ has been known to transcend to it’s listeners.

Repose is a collective music project founded by Jason Greenberg with a basis of chill electronic percussive textures and ambiences. Repose is evolving into mellow mood induced IDM instrumental music as well as vocal accompanied electronica textures with various vocalist collaborations.

Ray Buttigieg / Cykx

OXfireRay Buttigieg is considered one of the first pioneers of Electronic Music. His influences range frm The Beatles White Album period to early Pink Floyd to more electronic old German school.

“In an era whose artistic expression has come to be dominated by the stultifying forces of financial and ideological conservatism, Ray Buttigieg reminds us to keep our options open. Buttigieg is a futuristic, a visionary – perhaps the leading visionary of this new breed of synthesists experimenting and exploring the rich vein of sound materials.


EroHi to all and welcome to the musical world of Ero – an underground electronic music producer stationed in Cyprus.

The genres on which Ero’s productions are mostly focused, vary anywhere between progressive house, psy trance and rave, but i also like to experiment with a wide array of other genres. Ive been producing for two years now and have a crazy passion for all types of electronic tunes.


AugmentedI focus on all keyboard 16 measure loops… I like to discover surprising  and conflictiong harmonies my influences range widely: 60’s rock, reggae, jazz, hip-hop, Much of my music is inherently unique….. non-genre.