XenocXenoc, also known as Aaron Zafran, is a newly emerging musician/producer focused on the production of music in various subgenres of electronic music. His musical career still in its infancy, Xenoc’s music varies wildly in style, darting between various subgenres of electronic music, but never quite settling down long enough to be easily classified.

Xenoc has a lifelong history of musical endeavors, including numerous performances in piano/keyboard ensembles throughout his youth under the guidance and instruction of mentors at Loch-Reid Music, and several years of active participation in the online demoscene utilizing tracking software. Both eras of his life are ones from which his music is heavily influenced. Many of his compositions from as much as a decade ago can still be found via simple google searches.


E=MotionE=motion is the name for Jacek Spruch’s  solo projects. After many years of composing electronic music and gaining experience through collaborations with other musicians , Jacek Spruch finally releases his first official solo album –  “Infinite Motion”. The album contains one 54-minute piece which is a mix of Spruch’s most recent compositions. The music flows continuously – it’s infinite motion.


PhontaineBorn in Brighton, England and now hailing from Western Canada, Phontaine released ‘aqui’ in late 2001 under the name ‘earball’. The appeal of the album reached all over the globe. “I just tried to make something familiar but fresh, something I’d like to listen to”. Phontaine doesn’t take a conventional approach to creating music; ” I don’t listen to music as most people do, I’ve always absorbed tones and timbres before notes and arrangement. I blend instruments, ambience and sounds and maintain the sonic quality of their era. I hope this brings a sense of nostalgia to the listener.”


Lanes1.Artist : I am an independent electronic music composer / programmer / producer / sound designer / studio performer , a DIY from the very beginning to the very end . I have managed to start my own direction and develop my trademark sound which is easy to recognize after first few seconds of listening to my music .My creative potential is promising due to the ability to constantly find new harmonies in ordinary environment and see beyond traditional textures of genre . I don’t wait for an inspiration to come , I am actively looking for it myself and I know where to look .

Marcos Romero – Brave New Beats

Netlabel Releases
Artist: Marcos Romero
Title: Brave New Beats

The new EP by southamerican musician and producer Marcos Romero. Born in Uruguay, Romero emerges as a classically trained musician, composer, dj , and electronic music producer. He took part in the beginnings of the electronic music scene in his native country. He has worked with many latinamerican projects like Luciano Supervielle, Androoval, Selector Chico and Soundsister. Worked with computers since 1993 on several projects -from hip hop, downtempo, to music composition for short films. He has released half a dozen of EP’s for various independent labels. Arrived in the United States in 2003, Marcos Romero started working on remixes for several artists and bands. In 2005 he collaborated in the production of ‘Glass Cuts’ (Orange Mountain Music, 2005), a Philip Glass Remixes album featuring reworks by Kate Simko (Detalles), Dave Weisley, Don Christensen (manager of Glass) and Romero himself.

Audio Cephlon

Audio CephlonAudio Cephlon (aka Greg Lawrence) can best be described as an electronic musician fascinated with the technological future. His compositions, which journey through different genres, are gently bathed in futuristic atmospheres and synthetic melodies.
Influenced by the work of artists such as Arovane, Aphex Twin, Autechre, LFO, Future Sound of London, and local Perth acts such Sensory Overload and CSU, Audio Cephlon came into being in 1997 with the purchase of an Ensoniq Mirage sampler.

Corrugated Tunnel

Corrugated TunnelCorrugated Tunnel aka Edwin James has been making electronic music since the 90’s. Influenced from an early age by electro and computer generated noises which later became the acid/house sound that evolved in the 80’s.

Over the past three years Edwin has become one of the leading Irish players of the Live Irish Electronic scene through performing live whenever and whereever possible to get his sound heard by as many people as possible.

Cameron Gaut

Cameron GautI grew up near Portland OR, living in the suburbs and attending public schools. When I was 7, my parents enrolled me in Piano lessons, but I was too impatient and my teacher was incompetent. This turned me off of musical instruction, which lingered with me until I began drum lessons in my second year of high school. I had always tinkered around on the piano at home, and my growing interest in music and technology in high school fueled the beginnings of my electronic music production. I first learned about Fruity Loops version 4 on a friend’s computer and became immediately hooked.