Psychedelic Trance Festivals Through The World

Psytrrance Festival

The psychedelic trance music culture first gained momentum in the UK during the mid-1990s, and it has since expanded to many other countries that host their own dance festivals for devoted fans of this unique genre. Psychedelic music creators layer instrumental melodies over fast-paced, repeating riffs.

They then combine these with various rhythms that result in a style that differs from other forms of electronic music such as industrial or techno.

Monome: Music With Buttons


The Monome is revolutionizing the music industry and musical performances. Evolved from the 40h, the new Monomes started as an interface for personal musical and art performances.

But it quickly developed on a grander scale. It now consists of a reconfigurable grid made up of backlit key pads.

Mikael Dahlgaard (Dj Emok) Interview

Dj Emok - Analogik Interview

Here is our recent interview with Mikael, Dj Emok, owner of famous, Denmark based, progressive/techno label – Iboga Records. In next few minutes we’ll go through set of questions for Mikael and new stuff Iboga prepared for us in this year.


Iboga Logo

DJ Mixers

Xone 62

There is an incredible amount of options for DJ’s looking for an excellent mixer. Price ranges vary significantly so that mixers are available to any DJ and any stage of his career. The following options are among the best that a DJ can purchase and include all of the standard features as well as many new and interesting innovations. Because they are top of the line, these mixers are also some of the most expensive DJ mixers on the market today.

Ridden Interview

Ridden Front Cover


The guy behind one of the hot projects, Ridden, was kind enough to give us inteview and exclusive Dj set to accompany the article, hope you’ll enjoy reading and listening to it as much as we did while preparing  it. Read on..

Ridden Covers

Fruits N Juice – Staccato

New Minimal Progressive song from Fruits N Juice!

Audio Runner: Back in the Studio

It’s well past midnight and while most people sleep Gerritt Tisdale works feverishly at the final mix on the last song of the year for the electronic music group he founded, Audio Runner. A collection of three high school friends, Audio Runner is quickly making a name for creating amazing music and marketing it via the internet and social media outlets.

The quality of music made by Audio Runner will leave you convinced that it is being produced in some multi-million dollar studio. You would be surprised (I was) to find that this HUGE sound is created in a tiny music laboratory with just enough room for the three musicians and their computers, laptops, keyboards, 2 microphones and small rack of tiny blinking lights and switches. At first sight this “studio” it is not that impressive but when these guys are at work, the Audio Runner machine is something to behold. Electronic music may never be the same again.
Gerritt Tisdale, Ryan Daniel and Andy Gonzalez all love music. It’s that simple. The plan for any Audio Runner song is that it must be “good”. There are no boundaries, there are no rules and the only expectation is that the quality must be top notch. To watch this trio in action would be something to see if you could somehow speed it up like an old movie from the 20′s. At any given moment, someone is on the guitar then at the keyboard then at the microphone then on the computer then back to the guitar then all three sit and listen for a minute until the process starts all over again. You get the idea.

Dave Clarke


‘I may be established but I’ll never be establishment.’
Dave Clarke, March 2005

Dave Clarke is holding forth as he drives back to his West Sussex home from a photo-shoot in London, interrupted occasionally by the bland feminine robot tones of the Satellite Navigation system offering traffic tips. The make-up still visible round his eyes makes him look a little like his post-punk musical heroes, while the futuristic route-finder reminds of his ceaseless passion for new technology.

‘I bought my first Damned album because I thought they sounded like they’d be really evil,’ he declares, ‘and even now their album ‘Machine Gun Etiquette’ is one I keep coming back to. I like the attitude, the free reign of it, and on an artistic level I see my music as in the alternative genre rather than dance music. Techno and electro is an alternative that happens to be on the peripheries of dance music.’

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