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Martin Landsky Interview

Martin Werner Landsky

After training as a sound engineer in the field of advertising and synchronous, he was a resident DJ in Club Hamburger House Front. Starting in 1994, there were often club nights held in his name. He moved to Berlin at the end of the 1990’s,but he did regular nights before that (in the mid ’90’s) at legendary E-Werk and Tresor.

He founded the label Effortil Records, which he then renamed to Intim Records. He did the Poker Flat Nights party series with Steve Bug and DJ Cle (Martini Bros.) at  the Sternradio Club. Most of his productions appeared on labels such as Dessous and Poker Flat Recordings. Ladies and gentleman, he is Martin Landsky.

Analogue Practice – 2011 Retrospective

Analogue Practice

We compiled most awesome progressive/techno/progressive-trance dj sets made during 2011 by some of most respectful artists on the scene. Listen, enjoy.

Grigoris Savidis – PALE PENGUIN

PALE PENGUIN LOGO Pale Penguin V.I.M. breaksmix

Pale Penguin has been a mainstay in the electronic music scene in Thessaloniki, Greece for nearly two decades, making him a force to be reckoned with when it comes to breaks, electronica, techno and techno-house. If you have not made it over to see him as the resident DJ at the Elvis Bar in Thessaloniki, or had the honor of hearing one of his sets opening for major acts, entertaining film festival attendees, filling up clubs across Europe or battling it out at the Battle of the Year/Balkans, maybe you have caught him as the main music contributor for Freeze, Soundmaker or Crawford Magazine.

His influence on the electronica scene doesn’t stop there; he is also a co-founder and co-manager of V.I.M. (Very Important Music) Records and has teamed up with Kid Stretch to deliver to the world the funky, disco-breaks project Pale the Kid.

DJ Miss Kittin


Listen DJ Miss Kittin:

Kittin Klub Mix-Spring 2011

You cannot seriously discuss electronic music without including Miss Kittin in the conversation. The French artist has carved out worldwide fame while creating success for herself as an electronic music DJ, vocalist, and songwriter.

Miss Kittin first came on the scene with her hit singles “1982” and “Frank Sinatra” more than a decade ago. Both songs were performed in collaboration with the Hacker, a prominent French techno producer who has since worked with Miss Kittin on various other singles and albums since that time.

More acclaim came for Miss Kittin as she produced and released a pair of singles, “Rippin Kittin” and “Silver Screen Shower Scene” that proved popular with international audiences. She released successful debut solo albums “I Com” in 2004 and BatBox in 2008.

Queen Bohemian Rhapsody Old School Computer Remix

One of the most well known songs around the world was born in the 1970s, but has had a rebirth decades later. Bohemian Rhapsody, by the band, Queen, was featured in films as well as other venues. It remains the quintessential rock ballad. A new use for yesterday’s classic computer components gives new life to the song. Periodically sounding much like something from the electronic music genius, Isao Tomita, this reworked method of portraying the song is simple in sound yet complex in nature- and without a keyboard.

Antix Interview


Here is the interview with Antix, a magnificent band consisted of two brothers also playing under aliases FiordPylon and Strom Brothers.

Antix has been around for some time now, I remember listening to their debut album “Lull” from 2003 and knowing that they are going to rock the scene since their music was quite advanced for that time and can be easily compared to a bunch of productions nowadays.

Every Antix album brings innovations, top notch production and joy to the ears and synapses of the listener of story they’re prepared to tell.

Antix is band which has tunes remixed by pretty much every big name from the genre and that practice is likely to continue. Lets hear the bros..

Ticon Interview


Here is the interview with Ticon,  famous electronic music band from Sweden which i have difficulties to categorize with a specific music genre even though i listen them since the year 2000 or so, they have it all.
Through next couple of questions we’ll go through story  Ticon guys prepared for us.

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