Analogik European Tour


It has been three years since I last visited Vukovar. This time I arrived in summer, which made all the difference. Snow and autumn might seem romantic to some, but if you are to enjoy the weather, nature, and of course, gorgeous women in their summer outfit, May – August is the time to drop … [Read more…]

About Trance


First of all when you listen to Trance you have to know what you are really after. I find that people who truly love trance don’t have any trouble listening to the steady changing rhythm of progressive. A large majority of trance lovers are into progressive uplifting trance. Put simply, progressive trance gives u a … [Read more…]

What is techno 4?


Sometime after the era of playing music traditionally (with intruments) amplified electronically to the crowd, many people around the world simultaneously realized that you don’t need the intruments themselves to transfer these sounds. Because of the technological advancement, the electronic input recieved from the intrument can simply be generated from scratch. The groundbreaking thing was … [Read more…]

What is Techno 3?


We’ve started from the most general article and ended up going through our childhood memories related to techno music and audio equipment. After reading Dave’s article response I’ve had another memory flash. While living in Serbia as a refugee I was in close touch with the most diverse technology. I lived in my uncle’s workshop … [Read more…]

What is Techno?


I’ve purposely let myself outdate when it comes to electronic music styles and trends. There really is no point in following such a dynamic phenomenon. And what is techno…? Does anyone know anymore? There is so much variety out there making it really hard to define and classify all the styles. Classification becomes a dull … [Read more…]

The Future of Electronic Music


Electronic music celebrates human intellect, progress and unison with technology and science. If we reflect on past and present movements in the styles of electronic music, we see that it has always been about the future and futurism. Composers and producers have always strived towards the science fiction themes, futuristic sounds, electronic elements, analogue sounds and … [Read more…]

Inspiration for techno cover article

Winter 1998 – Belgrade, Serbia, I bought myself a lovely present. Pulse 6 double CD compilation which not only grabbed me by its sound but also for its curious design. Inspired by the cover I made a pencil drawing on a notebook paper. It looked quite futuristic and abstract:

Tips on how to design a good techno album cover


So you’ve tried the cool, funny, original, minimal, abstract, enigmatic, intriguing, techno – what not. If you are still not happy with the looks, try going back to the very origins of electronic music. You have to ask yourself how it all started and what did the pioneers of electronic music have in mind when … [Read more…]