Black Era

Black EraBLACK ERA – CONCRETE TRIPHOP FROM NAPLES -IT- black era chooses the hardest sounds from the 90′ british triphop and mixes it with some insane obsure flavour – new deeply aggressive episodes coming on march 2007 – with the album …THEN…

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Black Era comes from Naples, the borderline of legality and European civilisation.
Black Era has not forgotten that Naples could have become one of the cultural centres of our continent and will not resign itself to the inexhorable decay.


Sona“Main influences are Fela Kuti, John Coltrane, Larry Heard, and Parliament Funkadelics. My music is unique because it incorporates sounds, old and new. You may hear some glitchy, techy riffs followed by a smooth jazz piano. My style is versatile and unpredictable.”

Being a classical violinist since childhood, Sona has always had a true passion and a great ear for high quality music. In just 6 short years, he has proven that he is on a sure path to success in the dance music world. His musical versatility has earned him production credits on MTV, and most recently FOX TV’s Nip/Tuck.

Chris Conway

Chris ConwayWith his theremin, live electronics plus his exotic acoustic instruments and voice with special effects, Chris Conway is an astounding creator of unique atmospheric new and electronic music.

Ranging from freeform improvised electronic soundscapes to atmospheric ambient music, he has released several internationally released several CDs in the electronic genre.

Hailing from Michigan USA, Chris Conway has built his music career in the UK, becoming one of the most fascinating musicians on the scene. As well as being an electronic musician, he also plays music in mnay other genres – singer-songwriting, world music, Celtic, new age, and jazz all make up Chris Conway’s musical world.


Zeljko Hrastovcak

HrastProgrammerNow, here is something different. HrastProgrammer has brought us back to the original concepts of electronic music with minor outside influences and his free authoring spirit.
Zeljko’s music sounds like electronic music should sound. It is electronic and it feels like glimpses of human future.

As soon as you open any one of the tracks, you will notice that their length is uneven and unconventional by all commercial standards, which I think is fantastic. Do not get fooled though, none of Zeljko’s pieces sound amateurish and there is no doubt that he had a great time writing his music.


“A sad story, a fairy tale. A little boy and a little girl, jumping together. A cold landscape, a cosy landscape. Colours and noise, supernovas, whispers, when you cry out loud. Feelings you can’t deny, electric world, crystal lakes. Breathless. “

The project FABRYKA begins at the end of 2004, when Stefano Milella (programming, synth, drums ), Tiziana Felle (vocals, guitars), Giovanni Chiapparino (piano, drums, accordion, vibes), Agostino Scaranello (bass, piano) and Pasquale Luisi (visual maker) get together.


FinckhIntro: Finckh lives in Berlin, Germany. He has studied jazz trumpet, but got more and more involved in electronic music, mainly because of his studio work for Ras and Sonar Kollektiv / Jazzanova.

Finckh´s concept is to take the everyday sounds that surround us and make them dance. His musical roots span from some quite weird and funny tapes from his childhood to the real masters of funky music like JB, Herbie Hancock, Parliament/Funkadelic, Eddie Harris and Idris Muhammed. You could call his music “home made broken beats”.

Ana Luiza Cavalcanti & Sonia Bessa

S.I.M. Techno Bossa SoundIntro: We are a Techno-Brazilian musical duo mixing Brazilian bossa nova and samba with contemporary electronic pop. Our influences are Tom Jobim, Baden Powell, João Gilberto, Laurie Anderson, Depeche Mode and Propellerheads.

Biography: S.I.M. is the Techno-Brazilian musical duo of  ANA LUIZA CAVALCANTI and SONIA BESSA. Over seven years living in New York City they developed a unique sound, fusing traditional Brazilian rhythms such as bossa nova, samba, baião, and maracatu with a contemporary electronic pop, to create music accented with a new Brazilian cool jazz groove.


ExtronicaExtronica project was born in 2003. The niche electronic sound has caught the eyes of a number of electronic music fans that are looking for something more than just washed up pop synth lines. Extronica’s influences include DJ Shadow, Emerson Lake and Palmer, a great range of classical composers. Extronica tries to create music that demands careful listening and audible analysis in order to capture the whole picture. You can preview Extronica’s debut album “End of Phase One” on I Tunes