Sensual Harassment

Sensual HarassmentAs an artist, I truly believe simplicity can create an opportunity for the listener to gather their own impression of the music without being bombarded with sound. For me, one sound that is interesting and different is far superior to five mixed together. Influences are far and wide. Some of my favorites include the old soul singers (Gaye, Green), new Hip Hop/Soul (Sa-Ra, Kenn Starr), All rock (Phoenix, Beatles), All Reggae (Isaacs, Black Uhuru) and Dub (Pablo, Scratch)

Square Wail – I’m not listening.

Square WailArtist: Square Wail
Album: I’m not listening.

Celebrating the timeless sound of Nintendo GAME BOY ™

Square, Saw, Sine and Noise. It’s all it takes to make great electronic music, but when you reduce it to 8-bit word then it all becomes a challenge. Square Wail pushes the boy to the limits of possibilities and explores the rhythm and melody in a fresh, yet such a familiar way. “I’m not listening” – composed and written by Matthew Kenall, mixed by Kory Krukkenberg and mastered at Bonati Mastering NYC.

Mambo Freqs

Mambo FreqsEver since his first trip to London nightclub, Fabric, Mambo Freqs has been pushing his production skills to emulate the breakbeat he heard every week from the likes of the Plump DJs and the Stanton Warriors. With the recent boom in electro house, it only made sense to him to fuse the two…

7 years ago a kid called Dave stumbled across a free demo of Logic that only had basic MIDI functionality. After a few months of other kids laughing at his General Midi sound kits, he decided to take the plunge and buy a copy of Logic Audio! Three chillout ‘albums’ , a pair of decks and an obsession with vinyl later, he visited the London club Fabric for the first time. After witnessing the huge sound of breakbeat, there was only one way forward. It was time to dance!

Kyle Killough

Kyle KilloughGenres: Tribal Tech House, NY House, Deep House, Progressive, Breakbeat

Influences: Industrial Music, John Digweed, DJ Tracy, DJ Garth, Pink Floyd, Herbie Hancock, Beastie Boyz

Biography: Kyle began DJing in 1993 in Cincinnati, Ohio at an Industrial club simply called The Warehouse. In 1994 he moved to WZMB radio station where he established the Industrial hour. Steeped in the Industrial and Techno of the 80s and 90s he has been at home in electronic music for over 10 years. Migrating from the industrial dance scene of the early 90s onto the Trance and House scene in early 1996 he began working with the various forms of new dance music he was exposed to, pushing the envelope of what he could do with the fusion of the music in these areas.


QuantazelleCarrying on the tradition of truly great stateside IDM artists, Quantazelle refines her works from the ground up. She integrates complex rhythm programming, innovative sound design, and a macrocosmic vision with solid engineering. Fitting perfectly alongside Warp, Neo Ouija, and Ghostly International artists, Quantazelle’s output is as diverse in emotion as it is in intensity.

Hypnosurf – Can hypnosis improve your surfing skills?


It’s time to introduce one of our commercial electronic music projects. This one is very interesting as for us there was no composition involved, but something completely different. Hypnosurf is a concept by Les Foster which essentially involves practice of hypnosis in order to improve one’s focus, concentration and coordination skills. His first release is targeted at surfers; this is not a surprise as Les is an experience surfer himself. Les teamed up with a professional longboarder Ray Gleave, professional shortboarder Shane Bevan and a clinical hypnotherapist John Wong (Dip. Clin Hyp, BA (Psych), Grad. Dip Ed., Cert IV Assmt & Trng) to ensure a high quality functional product was delivered. Analogik team worked from the original script carefully prepared by the Hypnosurf team and organized a recording session at SAE Institute in Brisbane ( ). After hours of recording we ended up with high quality audio files ready for production fun.

Earth’s Smallest Life Form


The discovery of novel, living nano-organisms growing on Triassic and Jurassic sandstones opened up an exciting area of research in 1997.

The existence of nano-sized organisms has been proposed for a number of years by geologists who refer to a range of mineralised structures in rocks as the fossil remnants of nanobacteria. Bacteria range in size from 150nm (Mycoplasmas)-50µm in diameter while the proposed nanobacteria are an order of magnitude smaller with diameters reported to range from 20nm-150nm.

How well does your brain multitask?


If we think about our brain in computer terms, it could be described as a combination of CPU, RAM and mass storage (eg. hard disk). Early stages of brain development in children are very closely related to how we perceive the world around us today. Depending on how the neuron connections bind together we have many possible brain structures and configurations. Some are more efficient – some are not. Some are optimised for creative processes and some for logic and math operations.