Hectic Zeniths debut album has been released on CD + Digital


Hectic Zeniths is the work of bedroom producer and multi-instrumentalist Adam Morgan Prince. Nearly three years in the making, the densely layered project builds around original piano compositions with an atmospheric collage of chopped and pitched dollar-bin vinyl samples, live instrumentation, synths, and haunting vocals. Featuring violinist Patrick Bailey, guitarist Dave Cohen, and The Yetti on drums.

Pulse code modulation “Sonne und Stahl” Pong music 03


Following the recent “Himmel Strasse” Ep in June 2011 charted by Mark Broom (July # 1st), Paul Nazca, DeepChord/Echospace, Jack De Narseille, Los Hermanos, Dj Deep…

Here is the new “Sonne und Stahl” Ep:

Sexy house vibes – mixed by Martin Teik (ep.11)


The Sexy House Vibes Podcast is released every 15th and last day of a month and presents the best
in House, Tech House and Progressive. Host and Deejay of the Podcast is the talented German
Martin Teik. He has the aim to bring you only the sexiest tracks in electronic music and to bring
people the feeling of leaving the world behind. Enjoy the session and get ready – here it is!

The new mix is filled with massive tunes of the new single’s of EDX, Andrew Bennett, Ferry
Corsten, Ivan Gough and many more.
So don’t waste your time, download it for free!

Guy who stole over 15 tracks from Alex Di Stefano!


Alex Di Stefano

When I saw for the first time Banksy “parody” on Pablo Picasso quote “Good Artists Copy, Great Artists Steal”, I was impressed. He conducted Pablos quote into action, but
somehow I have never believed that people can be so much rude and without shame in a real world until I discovered Alex Di Stefano story.

Apparently, one day Alex Di Stefano discovered guy who copyrighted over 15 of his tracks, and that guy sold “his” music on every major digital shop, he even printed CDs
and sold them. Funniest part was that he didn’t even tried to cover that up, he was doing it so obviously and aggressive like he was proud for what he was doing.

And yes, he was proud. Proud copyrighted. Proud thief. Proud plagiarist.

Silicone Soul Interview

Silicone Soul

Silicone Soul has a significant place in today’s modern club music scene. This master DJ’s duo by Craig Morrison and Graeme Reedie is bonded by their soulful remixes and sounds that are unique and interesting, true to their souls and to their music. It gave me great pleasure to meet and greet this musical duo.

Arcade 64: Commodore 64 Rave Party

Featuring the most popular computers of the 80’s

So we’ve got a rave now. A perfect excuse to get together and play really loud.
Hard Techno – Acid – Breaks & Bleeps – Freestyle – Electronica – Psy Trance

Acid Monsters inhabiting Mutant Sheep

After spending more than a year on the road promoting their album Upgrade To Mutant Sheep in France (40 shows), in the Balkans, and in the USA last summer, Paral-lel is back with anew release.

Freaks Rock!, their new EP, was born on the road. It’s the joining of their mutant sound and analog TB303, 909 and 808 grafts. Leaving their electronica influences aside momentarily, this release explores a more human, simple and authentic sound. Change is also felt in the cover design; an innovative and infinite patchwork of possibilities done entirely by hand by artist Julie Chovin.

Freaks Rock! heads into Hip hop / techno / break orbit with the huge acid track Freak Beat; it then heads into an abrasive groove with a high end that will tear off the dance floor with Coretefax. For those nostalgic for the old times, the dissonant TaToil revisits early Rave while the punchy The Head pulls us into an epic electro / break oblivion. The EP concludes with the explosive brainwashing of BigRedKlit.

Along with their tracks, Paral-lel has picked 3 remixes by ClarkFlore and SKNDR, illustrating some of their most meaningful encounters this year.