Harmonic Distortions


The idea for this design came out of a late night coffee with Dejan whilst listening to jazz. The concept of a little seed coming up out of ground was agreed upon and I went straight home to start designing the seedling. It is obviously influence by Autechre’s Gantz Graf and clean modern vector styles … [Read more…]

Motion Graphics: Etheral


The idea for this one came from the modern scattered vector style graphics. I wanted to do something using this style but using 3d and incorporating it into after effects. I started out just wanting to design something using the word ‘ethereal’ [e·the·re·al adj. Characterized by lightness and insubstantiality; intangible. Highly refined; delicate. Of the … [Read more…]

Commercial inspires Artistic – by Fan Hunter


EXTRA: Art inspires art Our Double Life article inspired our talented friend form FanHunter.com who used our screenshots of the ad and converted them into a cartoon style art. The original site is in Spanish so a great deal of our visitors won’t know what’s going on. More explanations in english coming soon.

SONY PlayStation 2 Commercial – Fun Anyone?


SONY™ PlayStation® 2) PS3 – Compare PS3 prices from top stores in Australia “The commercial will engage you with captivating visuals of intense communal excitement..” Ref: Sony PlayStation® Australia From a perspective of a typical multimedia person, The “Mountain“,Sony PlayStation® ad has got to be one of the best ads of the decade. What a brilliant combination … [Read more…]


After you see it once, replay the video and pay attention to some of the poses that the robot makes. Let us, for example, take a look at the robot holding the machine gun upright in a rather patronising and authoritative manner while patrolling the streets of Johannesburg. Then there is the car ride and … [Read more…]

Tetra Vaal – Amazingly realistic 3D robot (Video)

tetra robot

This is one of the most realistic 3D animations we’ve seen so far. Why is that? Tetra Vaal OK, now we have really reached the point where it is impossible to tell the difference between the computer-generated material and the real footage. Talented people at The Embassy Visual Effects Inc. have created a magnificent piece … [Read more…]