OPTRONIX vs Maxx Klaxon (Reason 2.5) – This is a Remix of the song “Internationale 2000″ By Maxx Klaxon. It is my current entry in a Remix contest. The original can be heard at . Rather than a Re-mix I have actually re-written the whole track to sound like a new song, using only … [Read more…]


GALLERY: BRISBANE CONTRASTS Artist: Dejan Petrovic & Brad Schwede A comprehensive photo gallery focused on Brisbane’s urban scenes. Ideal for designs, photo editing and art in general.

Dutch Landscape Illustration:

dutch landscape

Basic, yet lovely graphic tablet / pen illustration made in Photoshop 8 using only basic drawing tools on multiple layers. Keywords: Dutch; Holland; Windmill; Morning; Evening; Dawn; Sunset; Sunrise; Night; Day; Gradient; Orange; Black; Stars; Sky; Mountains; Horizont; Tree; Grass; Landscape; Smoke; Fire; House; Bench; Workshop; Leaves; Branches.

3D Animation

Andrew Kimberley – a 3D artist from Sydney has decided to take Carloses conceptual drawing and add a third dimenssion to our little digital friend. Looks fantastic – well done. Keep an eye on this page for new stuff from Andrew’s Lab. Featured: AnalogikBot – Video Download (250Kb DIVX)

The Smallest Drum Machine on the Internet!

Miniature on-line drum machine concept. This is a case of extreme miniaturisation and exploration of perceptual containment of sound in seemingly limiting digital dimensions. However an unlimited amount of data can be stored in infinitely small digital cell.

Alpha Infection – 3D animation / Video

alpha infection

Alpha_infection Originating from a concept design that Dejan had sent (original work of Damjan Stankovic), this project was my visual response to some of the elements that were in the design. The metaphor was that of scanning for a virus in a spherical matrix of data – I looked at this file later and thought … [Read more…]

Red Death – 3D animation / Video


Once again a 3d object with 2d animations tracked. The concept for this work was trying to tune a television and not being able to find clear reception. The 3d object is an animated displacement map on a sphere. Camera moves are a lot freeer and cleaner than the other works as I wanted to … [Read more…]

3D Speaker – 3D animation / Video


The color design for the speaker came from a building I saw at night – It was shades of grey and at the very top of the building was a neon strip that ran all the way around. I thought that this would make a nice 3d object especially if I could get a similar … [Read more…]