Ror-Shak / Deep


It was an early evening when I checked our mailbox. Tired from a long day in front of a computer, I really did not feel like anything but chilling for a while. To be honest, I was hoping for a home producer from an obscure country in the Baltic region – I needed to hear something different in order to freshen up my day. I went back to the car and opened the parcel. Another CD had arrived from New York, USA. Well packaged, produced, with a standard promo letter – everything about it screamed “commercial”, “stereotype” and “boring”. I put the CD on and headed towards the City. That’s when Lisa Shaw started…



OPTRONIX vs Maxx Klaxon (Reason 2.5) – This is a Remix of the song “Internationale 2000″ By Maxx Klaxon. It is my current entry in a Remix contest. The original can be heard at . Rather than a Re-mix I have actually re-written the whole track to sound like a new song, using only minimal samples from the original, and some of the vocals. Please feel free to Enter the contest your self, it ends on July 29th, 2006. I will let the file do the rest of the explaining for me. Enjoy!! Refills Used: Impulse, In Full Effect.

More files available in our downloads area.



Between 2003 – 2004 Analogik has been involved in development of a MIDI controller device that will give audio engineers physical control over various PC software synthesis ers such as Reason and Rebirth.

Note: This is a research project only and is no longer in development.
Credits: Paul Harvey: Electronic Engineering, System Design, Programming & Dejan Petrović: Multimedia, 3D & Concept Design.



Artist: Dejan Petrovic & Brad Schwede

A comprehensive photo gallery focused on Brisbane’s urban scenes. Ideal for designs, photo editing and art in general.

Dutch Landscape Illustration:

dutch landscape

Basic, yet lovely graphic tablet / pen illustration made in Photoshop 8 using only basic drawing tools on multiple layers.

Keywords: Dutch; Holland; Windmill; Morning; Evening; Dawn; Sunset; Sunrise; Night; Day; Gradient; Orange; Black; Stars; Sky; Mountains; Horizont; Tree; Grass; Landscape; Smoke; Fire; House; Bench; Workshop; Leaves; Branches.

3D Animation

Andrew Kimberley – a 3D artist from Sydney has decided to take Carloses conceptual drawing and add a third dimenssion to our little digital friend. Looks fantastic – well done.

Keep an eye on this page for new stuff from Andrew’s Lab.
Featured: AnalogikBot – Video Download (250Kb DIVX)

The Smallest Drum Machine on the Internet!

smallest online drum machine

Miniature on-line drum machine concept.

This is a case of extreme miniaturisation and exploration of perceptual containment of sound in seemingly limiting digital dimensions. However an unlimited amount of data can be stored in infinitely small digital cell.

Alpha Infection – 3D animation / Video

alpha infection


Originating from a concept design that Dejan had sent (original work of Damjan Stankovic), this project was my visual response to some of the elements that were in the design. The metaphor was that of scanning for a virus in a spherical matrix of data – I looked at this file later and thought that it could be part of the ‘operating system’ of the 3d speaker. A virus in a speaker?

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