Relaxation DVD: Infinite Tranquillity


Brad Schwede has just released the Infinite Tranquility – a relaxation DVD which has been shot in the most beautiful places Australia. From tropical islands to deep space, this relaxation DVD takes you on a true meditational journey with color and sound healing and visualization techniques.

Analogik has partnered with Infinite Tranquility and now offers the DVD for sale with free international shipping.

Festival of Electronic Music and Digital Art by: Giovanni De Angelis


dissonanze 5

International festival of Electronic Music and Digital Art
5th edition
Rome – Italy
19-20-21 May 2005
Photo by: Giovanni De Angelis

Advanced use of C64


Sectors 1 to 6 on first Interface Box turns on the popup sprinklers & 7 does the Solarhardt
Sector 8 changes over to the second Interface Box at mid-day.
Sectors 9 to 15 do the sprinklers & 16 does the Solarhardt from mid-day to mid-night.

Magic Voice says
– Please put out the milk bottles.
– Please put out the rubbish bin
– Warning when the Solarhardt is too cold

This thermistor records the temperature on the bench. Another thermistor is glued to the Solarhardt & measures the temperature of the Solarhardt. When between 3am & 7am and 3pm and 7pm and temperature is under 30 degrees it turns it on until 40 degrees is reached.


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Dejan Petrovic

Dejan - Dan Petrovic

Dan Petrovic has completed a wide range of educational goals. These have been an important part of his life experience as well. He has a attended Griffith University, Nathan Campus in Brisbane, Australia. While there he completed a Bachelors of Multimedia, with Major in Design. This is complimented by his ability to speak both English and Serbian.

Pulse 6 Track Multimedia Review

Start downloading flash movie while you read the article (link will open in a new window).

0000 0028

Starting off with two bright and crisp pads. The pad in the background, slightly deeper than the other, steadily oscillates filling the atmosphere with intrigue and enigma. Higher pitch pad alternates between the two notes four times and leads into the anticipated start of the track. This sequence stimulates the mind for something sophisticated that is about to begin.

Modern Party Theme Invitations


When you give out party invitations you want them to reflect your theme and look professional. Themed party invitations can be a fun way to set the theme of your party, and to get people excited about your special event.

There are many different events that you would need party invitations for. When you are inviting people to more casual parties such as birthday parties or graduation parties you can have themed invitation hat are more fun to reflect your theme. Kids Birthday invitations are easy to match to the theme of the party. When you are making birthday invitations you can include something personal such as a cute picture of the birthday boy or girl.



Now then, what do we have for your listening pleasure? none other than an entire album of bulgarian electronic specialise sektor. as heard previously on kahvi, two releases are also exclusively available on through Kahvi. continuing with the same flowing melodical style, sektor creates an entire hour of audio treats, dark moods, calm and soothing vibes. a taste of bulgarian style by design. enjoy this release by sektor!



Hidden Ninja is a one man electronic artist comprised of Remi Sinato. Starting off in the late nineties with traditional dance, he gradually transformed his sound, through heavy influence and circumstance, into various styles of IDM layered with lyrics. His current album, “three hundred miles from cloud nine” is a love epic and serves as the last in the bloodlet series.

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