Sound Forge – Recording synthesizer samples


Hook up your computer to a synthesizer (synth’s out to your sound card’s aux/input). Open Sound Forge and start recording. Play all synth sounds one after another (keep pressing “+” or “next” or whatever it is that changes the sound on your synth). The length of each tone is arbitrary, but don’t go crazy, having 30 second samples is just silly.

Most of synthesizer sounds only oscillate over and over again after a certain period of time. Stop the recording and save the file. (It is generally a good idea to keep the source recording).

Electronic Music Setup and Gear Upgrades


A couple of things that went wrong

Are you buying or upgrading your audio gear? Have a read to avoid some mistakes some of us have made during the upgrade time. Newly purchased equipment:

  1. C O M P A Q – P r e s a r i o R3000, Intel P4 3.2 GHz, 512 Mb RAM, Win XP Home
  2. Behringer Eurorack UB1204FX-PRO Mixer
  3. Behringer Truth B2030A Studio Monitors
  4. microKORG Compact Synth / MIDI controller
  5. EDIROL UM-1X USB MIDI Interface (With Advanced Driver)
  6. Propellerhead Software Reason 2.5

Polivoks – Russian vintage synth


Find just about any keyboard synthesizer online at

For many years Russian Federation has been an isolated economy. Ministry of Culture, for example, wouldn’t allow import of foreign instruments and Soviet musicians at the time didn’t have a musical instrument that would offer capabilities and sounds of the equipment available to the rest of the world. This had triggered creation of a completely new and unique instrument.

We Love Technology


Being in a relationship is about lot of things. It’s about love, respect, sharing and understanding. For me, it’s the same bedroom scenario every night, and it’s not what you think it might be. I am a big fan of science fiction and have a nice little collection of Isaac Asimov. The problem is, I can never read them before sleep as our viciously bright night lamp light and 100 decibels of book page turning, irritates my girlfriend. Nagging and futurism don’t go well together.

So this is what I’m going to do I’ll utilise technology to improve my nerdy lifestyle. Running several popular websites such as Analogik generates lot of traffic. Traffic equals backlinks, backlinks equal PageRank – a virtual good and a commodity in demand these days. On the other side there are companies with products – they try to sell products and services. Higher the PageRank, higher you are in the search engine results. We have the PageRank – they need the PageRank. Do you see some spiral tungsten firing up already?

Cosmos 70


After a first appearance on the compilation ” BEE! “,COSMOS70 released their first maxi in 2005. Formed byMichel Robiche and Didier Blanché, the duo bordersbetween pop and electronica. In 2006 the group took on anew approach with the arrival of the video director AurélienPescher and has been seen on stage beside top artists suchas Matt Elliot, Plaid, Machine Drum or Lackluster.

Noone Grenadine


After a first interesting ep Fragments,Noone, multidisciplinary artist, is back withhis first album Grenadine. An invitation intohis acidulous fantastic world where addictivetones and enchanting pop songs blendtogether seemlessly. Eclectic as ever, this longformat jumps around at supersonic speedsfrom genre to genre.
If “Fatchococake” is a true call to the dancefloorwith a bassline whose only purpose is tobreak your legs, “4 years” hits us withmoments of grace thanks to a charming musicbox melody. The true climax of the album is”Just because of a little water” with theappearance of singer Nekochan, giving us amoment of a seldom equaled emotion.Noone confirms his genius ability to composesimple and catchy melodies with “Burn inHell” and “Virgo Cluster” which, from thevery first notes, sticks in your head.
Noone’s world is one way too vast to discoverin one listening; it’s like putting the listeneron a frantic roller coaster. Once the magicbegins it will make you smile, catch you in itsbliss and not let you go until the ride’s over. Amusical trip rich in emotions that, in the end,will make you want to grab another ticket.

Arcade 64 Artists – Who played?


8-bit crunch


“Superfluid are the future of dance music.

Able to destroy the crowd live they are now well-known in the Brisbane

scene with headlining spots at the Advent*jah festival and Time

Tunnel. Their diversity, understanding of the importance of melody

and willingness to branch out in unexpected directions, all pulled

together by the fun of funk, should see their music heard around

the land in the very near future if there’s any justice in

the world.”

8-bit crunch poster - click to enlarge

The energy of Superfluids performance was impressive and the live

breaks they played got me dancing once again. Another funky set

that exceeded my expectations!”

In the Mix review of Time Tunnel @ The Arena, Brisbane (13/8/02)

“Mixed and mastered to perfection, 8 Bit Crunch

is definitely a debut to make the music world take notice. Superfluid

have the same gift for catchy riffs and rhythms that has taken the

Resin Dogs so far”- TIME OFF



phARMACY has been drawing attention with

this upbeat live set featuring quirky, tasteful tweaking through

to brilliant scratching and intricate rhythms. Grant’s production

and programming skills have taken him to studios in Stockholm, Sweden

three times. His debut solo album under the phARMACY moniker is

It’s All Fun and Games Until Somebody Finds an Eye is set for release.

He was also a lucky winner at the 2002 APRA awards, walking away

with the breakthrough songwriter of the year award. phARMACY is

a regular at festivals such as LIVID and ADVENT*JAH and he has also

played Recharge, Circus X and Canberra’s Satellite Festival. He

has shared the stage on these festivals with artists like Fatboy

Slim, Groove Terminator and Kid Kenobi and has toured nationally

with acts such as Fatt Dex, Friendly, Endorphin, Skunkhour, Soma

Rasa and Salmonella Dub. “The Echo”


Heavy German Techno & Acid


Dejan is a major perpetrator of hard and artificial

electronic sound influenced by Swedish and German hard techno. His

music sounds like a bunch of industrial machines merging into a

driving rhythm with almost melodic combinations of percussive elements.

He does live

performances in following styles: acid, electronica, techno,

analogue/vintage, psy trance and ambient. At ARCADE 64, Dejan will

play live on a MicroKorg

synthesizer with special vocoder effects and non-linear track

sequencing on a computer powered by Reason

and a standard 4-octave MIDI keyboard.



Hard electronica and screaming synths


Performing as a part of “Subtekk”

at the Zen warehouse,

Brad’s interest in all things that make big electrical noises has

been a major influence on his breed of sound. Interested in all

forms of music from jazz to classical and all shades of music in

between combined with a love of spatial sound, graphics and Electronic

music will produce something very heavy and nasty.

Recently working on a graphical collaboration with

Dejan for a video work (Harmonic

Distortions) a “VS” performance live using Reason

will make for an interesting battlefield.

A repressed designer by day creates dark disturbed

electronic noises by night.


Live on C64!

“Swedish wiz Goto80 shows us why the pure

sound of the C64 is still king … The breadth of styles and sounds

that Goto80 wrings out of the box quite frankly beggars belief.”

– h0l of Monotonik, California USA

“If you do not know it yet, Goto80 is one

of the brightest stars in the sky of contemporary C64 music.”

– Manou, Germany

“Goto80 has been stuck in the 8-bit music

composing business since the early 90’s, and has since then learned

to adapt to the limitations of the C64, Amiga and Gameboy to take

advantage of them. He creates varied music, in reference to the

genres, techniques and sound. You can expect stuff ranging from

instrumental ambient-electronica and reggae-dub with toasting to

happy videogame-pop and all the way to furious computer-punk and

drum’n’bass. As seems the case with most electronic composers, he

releases other music under several different names and with different


Shano and Damo / PONYLOAF

Live Remix Set


Ponyloaf is a three-piece electronic music anomaly

consisting of a modernist sculptor, an informatics aesthete and

a guy who became famous for playing an axe keyboard while dressed

up like a rabbit. Dan, Damian and Shane (respectively) formed Ponyloaf

in 2001 as the volatile by-product of way too much fun at the school

of 1997 indie art gallery parties. Former art college kids and long

time activists in circles of mainstream culture resistance, Ponyloaf

has bred an innovative electronic music blend of emotional angst,

aesthetic sensitivity and informed participation in pop culture.

The result is “beautifully arranged, considered electronica

that will lift your heart, run it through a meat processor and leave

it floating somewhere over the rainbow.” (Dan Monceaux).


Ponyloaf is ultimately a completely unconventional animal. Even

in broader definitions of e-music including the arcane arts of textured

experimentalism, it is difficult to see where the Loaf belongs.

Take a little bit of Phil Collins, add a bit of Ministry, throw

in some Autechre and present the whole thing as a three-piece rock

band that plays keyboards, knobs and buttons. Maybe its an electronic

grunge band for the dance floor. Regardless, there is not a turntable

or guitar in sight, yet you can mosh or dance or do both at the

same time. Ponyloaf is a band of contradictary themes, a hybrid

form. Distinct computational methods, yet a complete disregard for

any programmatic notions. Ponyloaf take an autorock dump on many

music norms.


Since the release of their 2002 debut EP “Epic Travels”,

Ponyloaf have played with the likes of the Livid Festival, Anubian

Lights, Gold Chains, Gonzales, Chicks on Speed, DJ Dexta, Regurgitator,

Kid606, Gerling and Architecture in Helsinki. Often accompanied

by visual wizardry from long-time collaborators RINZEN, Ponyloaf

events have the tendency to spin into the realm of boutique electronic

theatre. A bit of a reputation as ‘the band’s band’ hasn’t stopped

the Ponys from consistently pushing ideas through their home studios

in preparation for the 2004 release of their first LP. A work guaranteed

to be substantial in both content, length and warmth. There is also

talk of a video clip or two on the horizon.

Download NHAEHE (Live version)

This track is available on the non-profit EAS Eat Food compilation

CD and we decided to release it here as well for people who wont

be able to get their hands on the CD:

(This work is licensed under a Creative Commons



Live Breaks and Gameboy Tweaks

Micro-music meets breaks aesthetics, where DRi

indulges in all beats broken and all things electronic and bleep-o-matic.

Owing much of his musical education to previous tours of duty as

the beer swilling, reckless samplist in live breaks act Superfluid,

and of course the HECS debt accumulation that comes with years under

the musical yoke at the Conservatorium, DRi now works crafting audio

and multimedia for clueless plebs who couldn’t tell a breakbeat

from their breakfast. That’s where the dance-floor comes in, the

sole outlet for audio-career angst and general bass tweaking and

synth mashing. Laying down a bedrock of sample-tastic downbeats

to hard breaks, and featuring for this time only some “mummy

he’s a madman” live GameBoy sound chip abuse, DRi will make

happy like only a pocket full of Sake and SID-chips could! Gaijin



Electronica & Psy


“Live artist delving into psytrance and ambient

music. Lots of tweaking on the fly, flexible song structures and

whatever else comes with live electronica.” artist profile,

“ambient chilled breaks through to psy trance,

but keeping it melodic and not too mental.” artist profile,

“As a jaded psy-trance enthusiast I thought

I’d be unimpressed… I was wrong. Music from a true listener and

responder. Nice image too. Try it on.” TSR,




GOTO80 C64 Performance
GOTO80 C64 Performance

GOTO80 Vintage Equipment

GOTO80 C64 Performance

Photos: Kristin Adelsköld


Rabitza – Union of 2 independent creative personalities


Members : Alexandr Sosedkin, Ivan Petrenko

Profile : Rabitza is an union of 2 independent creative personalities. The project was founded in December 2004. The musical content of the group consists in the mix of different styles. The guys have great experience of taking part in different rock-bands, experiments with live sound. But their development brought them to the insensibly reincarnation and finally – conversion into electronic faith. Preferred music styles of the guys are minimal techno, tech-house and techno. The aim of the project is self-expression, opening of creative potential of the personality. Their own motto is “Music is first, instruments are just facilities.”