Red Death – 3D animation / Video


Once again a 3d object with 2d animations tracked. The concept for this work was trying to tune a television and not being able to find clear reception. The 3d object is an animated displacement map on a sphere. Camera moves are a lot freeer and cleaner than the other works as I wanted to give the effect of exploring rather than being told what to look at. The tiny + symbols were originally apart of a guide track for the motion but I changed there look and left them as they look like the HP symbols.

3D Speaker – 3D animation / Video


The color design for the speaker came from a building I saw at night – It was shades of grey and at the very top of the building was a neon strip that ran all the way around. I thought that this would make a nice 3d object especially if I could get a similar glow to the object.

Harmonic Distortions


The idea for this design came out of a late night coffee with Dejan whilst listening to jazz.

The concept of a little seed coming up out of ground was agreed upon and I went straight home to start designing the seedling. It is obviously influence by Autechre’s Gantz Graf and clean modern vector styles but visually I wanted to push the contrast of heavy ‘harmonic distortion’ on a tiny little organic plant. Almost as if the plants DNA was being modified by sonic pulses.

Motion Graphics: Etheral


The idea for this one came from the modern scattered vector style graphics. I wanted to do something using this style but using 3d and incorporating it into after effects. I started out just wanting to design something using the word ‘ethereal’

[e·the·re·al adj. Characterized by lightness and insubstantiality; intangible. Highly refined; delicate. Of the celestial spheres; heavenly. Not of this world; spiritual.]

Commercial inspires Artistic – by Fan Hunter


EXTRA: Art inspires art

Our Double Life article inspired our talented friend form who used our screenshots of the ad and converted them into a cartoon style art.

The original site is in Spanish so a great deal of our visitors won’t know what’s going on.

More explanations in english coming soon.

SONY PlayStation 2 Commercial – Double Life

"...missed heartbeats and adrenalin..."

“…missed heartbeats and adrenalin…”

SONY PlayStation 2 Commercial – Fun Anyone?

SONY™ PlayStation® 2)

PS3 – Compare PS3 prices from top stores in Australia

“The commercial will engage you with captivating visuals of intense communal excitement..”

Ref: Sony PlayStation® Australia

From a perspective of a typical multimedia person, The “Mountain“,Sony PlayStation® ad has got to be one of the best ads of the decade. What a brilliant combination of video, special effects and vintage Shirley Temple track – Get on Board Lil’ Children.

Qrio Robot Video – Real life-like moving robot footage

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