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The international music and art festival Sonar celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2013 and plans are already being announced for Sonar 2014. Some of the world’s biggest artists are slated to perform at the festival in 2014, as well as new and unreleased performers. Famous names like Richie Hawtin and Massive Attack are scheduled to give cutting-edge performances and new locations have been added to the standard festival roster. Sonar 2014 doesn’t kick off until February 2014, but the anticipation and excitement are already building for this highly respected music festival.

Rodriguez JR Interview


Lots of people would like to know something about your personal background. What was
your life like before your music career? How did you know you wanted to pursue music?

Music has always been around me. As a child, I remember I could spend hours browsing radio stations at home.

Electronic Anniversary: On the Ground at Sonar 2013

Sónar Barcelona 2013

In the days leading up to the Sonar Festival’s 20th anniversary, most people had some expectations of what they might experience. They planned on partying, good drinks, meeting new people and, most importantly, getting a chance to see some of the most exciting new performers in electronic music alongside the legends who helped to pioneer the genre. But even the most seasoned veterans of the epic Barcelona festival quickly learned to leave their expectations at the door.

Sonar 2013 was unlike anything that anyone could have imagined. Much more than just a four-day party, this year’s Sonar festival proved to be something that many in the electronic music scene spend years trying to find: an unforgettable experience.


These Places Might Change Your Life: The Greatest Dance Clubs and Festivals

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Ask any fan of dance music and they will almost always have a particular club or festival that they call their favourite. Some fans are fiercely loyal to their local scene and others have a strong emotional connection to a certain venue because of the good times they had there.

Among all of these preferences, there are some events and venues that stand out above the rest. From landmark underground locations to the most cutting-edge modern nightclubs, certain venues and festivals have endured through time and changing trends to become must-see destinations for any true fan.

Top 5 iOS Apps for DJs


It’s tricky to find one app that is going to suit everyone. Different people are looking for various features that are going to suit them, depending on their needs and requirements.

According to what the general public are looking for, here are the Top 5 iOS apps for DJs and folk who want to just get a little more creative as well.

Sónar Celebrates 20 Years

Sónar Celebrates 20 Years

For twenty years, the Sónar Festival has electrified the city of Barcelona with live music, media and modern art. The 20th anniversary of the legendary music festival is slated to surpass all previous expectations. Thanks to a change of venue, new performance spaces and a list of performers that includes electronic music pioneers as well as modern innovators, Sónar 2013 will be bigger and better than ever. Beginning on June 13, dozens of artists will take the stage and deliver an aural experience without parallel in the international music scene. DJ sets and incendiary live performances will come together to create a truly landmark festival experience.

Life in Plastik: Richie Hawtin and the Rise of Minimal Techno

Plastikman :)

No discussion about the history of electronic music would be complete without a mention of the storied career of Richie Hawtin. Richie’s catalog represents an important link between the earliest roots of techno and the electronica scene of today. In an era marked by stifling convention, Richie found success by holding fast to his musical roots. His commitment to minimalism became his trademark as he found himself in the midst of an artistic revolution. The shifting sonic landscapes of the second wave of modern techno became the backdrop against which he would shape his own creative potential.
The foundation for Richie’s career was laid in his early childhood. His father had a great love of and affinity for electronic technology and, as a result, the Hawtin family had access to some of the most innovative technology of the day. Through his work as a robotics technician for General Motors, Richie’s father had a unique insight into the electronic technology revolution of the 1960’s and 70’s and Richie grew up with a fondness for such devices. His father also instilled a love of music in young Richie, introducing him to the pioneering electronic artists of the era, such as Kraftwerk and Tangerine Dream.

Miro Pajic Interview

Miro Pajic

Germany stands at the forefront of the international electronic music scene and Miro Pajic has taken part in this trend for his entire career. With a string of landmark releases, Miro has shaped the style of his contemporaries in the scene even as he has redefined his own sound.
After conquering house and techno styles, Miro has spent the last few years experimenting with his own capabilities. His label Lazerslut showcases his latest work while other electronica luminaries such as Tic Tac Toe Records and Klickhaus have also featured Miro’s newest projects.
Now, with a legacy of original work as well as epic remixes, Miro Pajic continues to create a scintillating live show that garners international acclaim. Some artists would find it difficult to remain original and inspired in the over-saturated modern music scene, but Miro consistently delivers the goods. He revealed some of his personal insights in a recent interview.