Sónar Celebrates 20 Years

Sónar Celebrates 20 Years

For twenty years, the Sónar Festival has electrified the city of Barcelona with live music, media and modern art. The 20th anniversary of the legendary music festival is slated to surpass all previous expectations. Thanks to a change of venue, new performance spaces and a list of performers that includes electronic music pioneers as well as modern innovators, Sónar 2013 will be bigger and better than ever. Beginning on June 13, dozens of artists will take the stage and deliver an aural experience without parallel in the international music scene. DJ sets and incendiary live performances will come together to create a truly landmark festival experience.

Life in Plastik: Richie Hawtin and the Rise of Minimal Techno

Plastikman :)

No discussion about the history of electronic music would be complete without a mention of the storied career of Richie Hawtin. Richie’s catalog represents an important link between the earliest roots of techno and the electronica scene of today. In an era marked by stifling convention, Richie found success by holding fast to his musical roots. His commitment to minimalism became his trademark as he found himself in the midst of an artistic revolution. The shifting sonic landscapes of the second wave of modern techno became the backdrop against which he would shape his own creative potential.
The foundation for Richie’s career was laid in his early childhood. His father had a great love of and affinity for electronic technology and, as a result, the Hawtin family had access to some of the most innovative technology of the day. Through his work as a robotics technician for General Motors, Richie’s father had a unique insight into the electronic technology revolution of the 1960′s and 70′s and Richie grew up with a fondness for such devices. His father also instilled a love of music in young Richie, introducing him to the pioneering electronic artists of the era, such as Kraftwerk and Tangerine Dream.

Miro Pajic Interview

Miro Pajic

Germany stands at the forefront of the international electronic music scene and Miro Pajic has taken part in this trend for his entire career. With a string of landmark releases, Miro has shaped the style of his contemporaries in the scene even as he has redefined his own sound.
After conquering house and techno styles, Miro has spent the last few years experimenting with his own capabilities. His label Lazerslut showcases his latest work while other electronica luminaries such as Tic Tac Toe Records and Klickhaus have also featured Miro’s newest projects.
Now, with a legacy of original work as well as epic remixes, Miro Pajic continues to create a scintillating live show that garners international acclaim. Some artists would find it difficult to remain original and inspired in the over-saturated modern music scene, but Miro consistently delivers the goods. He revealed some of his personal insights in a recent interview.

Albert Rodriguez – Podcast


The legacy of the electronica and techno music scene in Eastern Europe has attracted loyal followers from every corner of the world. Albert Rodriguez is one of that number and he has created a personal interpretation of the music styles that fascinate him. Although Albert is young (he was born in 1987) he has already made quite a name for himself. Hailing from Barcelona, Spain, Albert is a key player in the movement to bring Eastern and Western European electronic music styles together. This melding of styles is producing exciting new sounds and generating a lot of buzz in the music press.

AlterNation (AlterNacija.com)



In an age of amazing innovation, it is easy to become jaded by reality until even an incredible event no longer seems exciting. AlterNation is an event organization on a mission to restore that lost sense of wonder and amazement to experiences of all kinds. Professional designers, graphic and video artists, event planners and top DJs come together as a unified whole to make AlterNation a collective of unprecedented talents. Any type of party, celebration, concert or gathering can be transformed into an experience of lasting impact with professional event organization.

Mihai Popoviciu Interview

Mihai Popoviciu


The Eastern European electronic music scene has produced a bevy of artists renowned all over the world for their brilliance and creativity. Among this esteemed collective is Mihai Popoviciu, a veteran of the Romanian club Circuit. Mihai’s reputation did not come easily; he has been at the helm of both solo projects and collaborations for more than a decade. He has taken the house and techno tracks that shaped his youthful aspirations and crafted a sound that is emblematic of his personal journey. With a basis in the danceable lockstep beats that typify the nightclub experience, Mihai’s sound has evolved to defy both convention and expectation.

Mihai’s acclaim stems not only from his own musical catalog but also from his work as a producer. One of his addictive international smash hits, “Bis Co”, was the product of a collaboration with fellow artist Jay Bliss. Popoviciu and Bliss continued to combine their creative efforts, realizing a dream founded in struggle and sweat. If the response to their collective output is any indication, they will not cease to win new fans at any time in the near future. Mihai’s creative process has become a source of fascination and intrigue for legions of fans across the globe.

Marko Nastic Interview

Marko Nastic


Hailing from Serbia, Marko Nastic has brought worldwide recognition to the Eastern European music scene. Marko has had to endure hardships that most electronic musicians can’t even imagine. He began honing his skills at a very young age while the Balkan conflict of the mid-1990s raged throughout his home country. Learning how to spin records and program beats in the midst of such a severe event has made Marko a humble but brilliant artist.

In just a short number of years, Marko has ascended to international fame, with many music publications praising his unique style and intoxicating tracks. He has expanded his touring radius and in 2002, he embarked on a tour which began in Brazil. He continued on to performance dates across the globe and he regularly books club and festival gigs on a worldwide scale.

These days, Marko hosts a popular Serbian radio show and continues to create some of the most thrilling music ever to emerge from the European continent. If fact, his latest album is due to be released soon and will undoubtedly be met with critical and popular acclaim. Only time will tell what new and brilliant creations Marko Nastic has in store for us.

Dejan Milicevic Interview

IMG_3451 m4


Not many players in the DJ game have been around for as long as Dejan Milicevic. After nearly two decades in the fast-paced world of dance festivals and dark nightclubs, Dejan’s level of music mastery has become legendary. Ever since he began to spin records as a teenager in Serbia, Dejan has had to work hard for every achievement to his name.

Now, with an international fanbase and over eighty releases, Dejan continues to sell records at an incredible rate. His latest album,“Just Keep Talking Girl”, dropped in August 2012 to critical and popular acclaim. In addition to his extensive catalog, Dejan also co-owns a studio, has established his own record label and helps aspiring musicians learn how to use Burn Audio Tool to make their own tracks.

Truly, Dejan’s career has been an amazing journey filled with countless achievements and successes. He has overcome the circumstances that diminish the dreams of many artists like him. He has defied convention by bringing his Serbian heritage to his music, outperforming house and techno artists from hotspots in New York and London. Thousands of his devoted fans would love to have the opportunity to ask him, “How do you do it?”

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